The best Louis Vuitton perfumes for women

Top List of the best Louis Vuitton perfumes for women

Surely the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name of this famous French brand are the luxurious bags and fashion pieces that have managed to conquer the lovers of haute couture all around the world.

However, Louis Vuitton is also achieving great success thanks to its perfumery line. A collection of fragrances that aim to inspire and project all the values of the brand, such as luxury and sophistication, but without forgetting the most casual and fresh side of the people who wear them.

In this article, we are going to share with you a list of the best Louis Vuitton perfumes for women of all times.

Louis Vuitton colognes for women, which one is the best?

The Louis Vuitton label transmits elegance as a whole, and this same happens with its fragrances: the perfumes of the brand are characterized by delicate and sophisticated notes combined with deep chords and bold character.

Today we are going to tell you about 4 Louis Vuitton fragrances for you to fall in love with and learn which one out of them all is the one that suits your personality and lifestyle the most.

Analysis of Louis Vuitton fragrances for women

Here is a more detailed analysis of the best Louis Vuitton perfume dupes for women.


Attrape-rêves is the name given to this youthful and casual fragrance. Inspired by the native americans' mythic dreamcatchers, our Attrape-rêves dupe is intended to suggest through delicate and simple notes, the dreamy sensation typical of jovial people. 

The olfactory family this perfume belongs to is oriental floral and has a mixture of different kinds of flowers and spices notes giving as a result a sweet and gourmand fragrance ideal for young women, with a medium intensity and recommended for daytime.

In its top notes, we are able to enjoy the scents of lychee, ginger and bergamot, giving way to a delectable heart of peony, cacao and Turkish rose and culminating with a background full of deepness thanks to patchouli. 

Matière Noire (DIVAIN-622) 

A Louis Vuitton feminine fragrance much more mature but adventurous at the same time, this is what Matière Noire offers us, a medium intensity perfume that belongs to the oriental woody olfactory family with a truly explosive combination of scents from all around the world.

The top chord is composed of blackcurrant syrup and aquatic notes, which provides a sensation of freshness since the very first spray. Furthermore, you will be delighted with its heart chord full of floral scents such as Persian violet, narcissus, jasmine and rose. Finally, the base is in charge of providing character to the olfactory set due to the power of oud wood, patchouli, incense and benzoin.

Discover the best Louis Vuitton cologne dupes for women


A fragrance specially made for daytime, with a tremendously fresh sensation that is transmitted through its citrus and floral notes.

Apogée is ideal for lovers of soft and casual scents. With a naturalist harmony, this emblematic perfume becomes the fragrance of reference for those who appreciate the most extraordinary part of pure simplicity.

Let yourself be enveloped in its principally citrus top notes, thanks to orange and tangerine. The heart is composed of astounding notes of lily of the valley, magnolia, rose and jasmine. Eventually, it culminates with a background accompanied by a woody sensation owing to white musk, gaiac wood and sandalwood.    

Les Sables Roses

This fragrance of the oriental floral line is a representation of the duality of femininity; a paradox between freshness and casualness with the intensity of passionate moments.

With a cocktail of exotic ingredients, Les Sables Roses is capable of transporting us to other places in the world due to a totally unique aromatic journey. It provides a medium intensity and is ideal for fall time nights.

Its top notes are found between floral and forest scents thanks to Centifolia rose, Bulgarian rose and oud wood. Consecutively, we enter the perfume's heart by the hand of gray amber, black pepper and powerful saffron. Last but not least, the base is responsible for lending the final power because of Agar wood.

The Best Louis Vuitton perfume for women according to DIVAIN

Even though all the fragrances of this brand have their particularities and strengths that make them good candidates to become our travel partners, in DIVAIN we feel a special predilection for Attrape-rêves, for its casual character and jovial freshness that designate it as a one of a kind fragrance. From our point of view, this one is undoubtedly the best Louis Vuitton perfume for women. Do not wait any longer and give our dupe a try at the best price on our website. We are waiting for you!

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