The best Issey Miyake perfumes for women

Top List of the best Issey Miyake perfumes for women

The Issey Miyake feminine perfumes are characterized by their simplicity and their combination of natural ingredients. However, we should not underestimate their incredible power to conquer any sense of smell and dazzle whoever is around you.

Issey Miyake colognes for women, which one is the best?

In this article, we are going to introduce you to our favorite Issey Miyake fragrances. Original, natural and versatile scents perfect for all types of personalities and occasions. 

Analysis of Issey Miyake fragrances for women

Here is a more detailed analysis of the best Issey Miyake fragrance dupes for women.

L'eau D'Issey (DIVAIN-109) 

A minimalist fragrance without leaving aside the unique complexity of nature. Our L’Eau d’Issey dupe aims to show the feminine aroma to its minimum expression, with a fresh, floral and extremely aquatic cologne, but with a subtle and deep woody touch.

In its top chord, two flowers full of character take center stage; the classic rose and a more exotic one, lotus flower. The olfactive trail that leaves during its first spray is perfectly complemented with Persian violet, melon, cologne and freesia notes.

Its heart beats with an expressive sensuality through carnation, lily, water peony and lily of the valley. The final touch is given by a base chord with a dominant exotic wood note, which is accompanied by tuberose, amber, sandalwood, musk, osmanthus and cedar.

This olfactory set introduces to us a dance full of floral notes which provide freshness yet are bold, without leaving aside the magical balance of nature. It is ideal for springtime and for daily basis since it is a delicate and subtle fragrance of medium intensity.

If we needed to find a flaw in this fragrance, perhaps it would be the fact that it is not as versatile as other perfumes of the brand, since we must not forget that its chords are soft and light, which makes it not very suitable to wear at night.

Discover the best Issey Miyake cologne dupes for women

A Drop d'Issey (DIVAIN-733)  

Just a single drop of A Drop d'Issey is enough to get yourself into a new scenario where fascination for nature and its hidden magic take over through an unparalleled aromatic journey.

Sweet and irresistibly familiar, thanks to the combination of essential oils coming from common elements of nature that we all know. But also leaving room for wonder, this floral style perfume has hints of cedar wood and some other sweet scents such as almond milk and vanilla.

The top chord is the one in charge of enchanting us since the very first moment thanks to the almond milk and a touch of Damascus rose. Then, it is the heart chord's turn which will delight you with lilac, star anise, jasmine, orange blossom and solar notes.

Last but not least, the final trail of the perfume is transmitted due to the base chord and its notes of vanilla, musk, ambroxan and Atlas cedar. Overall, this is a medium intensity perfume which is strongly recommended for spring days.

Top rated Issey Miyake feminine fragrances

The best Issey Miyake perfume for women according to DIVAIN

Both l’Eau d’Issey and Drop d’Issey have proven to be one of a kind fragrances with a combination of natural ingredients capable of projecting the most hidden magic of our surroundings.

However, to our mind, the best Issey Miyake perfume for women is l’Eau d’Issey (DIVAIN-109). It has a unique charm which is transmitted through the power of flowers and a hypnotic aura of freshness capable of conquering the 5 senses.

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